Major Label Credits

Rudi Colombini And The Divine Comedy, “Crucifixion Lover” Capitol Records, Less Than Jake, Dill Records then rereleased on Asian Man Records then sighned to Capitol Records, Diatribe, Cargo Records, Rapid Fire, Storm Spell Records.


Independent Artist

Antique Radio, Dead Man Rocking, 11 teen, Stunt Monkey, Clearing Autumn Sky, Israel Sanchez, Tracy Cruz, Tara Alisha, Max Caballero Jr, Skyway View, Alexis Rose, Anthony Francisco, Reaction 31,  Kung Fu Vampire, Koruscant Weekend, Illa, Scarlett Stoic, Late-Night District, Tsunami, Rebelskamp, Olivia Braga, The Trims, Mochahente,, Curbside Choir, Bennett Roth Newell, James Randall,

Janitor Against Apartheid, Bus Ride, Trip, Reach Down, Stun Gun, Cool Jerks, Frontier Wives, Zamora, Via Ansible, Catharsis, Slave Unit, Living Space, Andalusia, Ohm, Glorious Rabbits, The Closeouts, Nostic, Illogistical Resource Department, Vacuum Tree Head,

 Interstellar Grains, Powder Train, Coyote Slim, Cali Nation, Scripted, Blue Moon, Blessings Of Affliction, False Positive, Standard Deviant,

Blacklist, Sicklife, Sulfate, Suffer Tree, Atomize, Duct Tape Date, Soul Stripper, Ragweed, San Rosina, Six Killer, 6 am, South Bay Heat, The Uprights,  West Star Media Group, 2k Play, Bay Area All Stars, New Edge Records, Buxom Blond, Imaginary Girlfriend, Servuix, Ritmo, Worldwide Records, Cruz Communication, E-llusion Media, Inc., Xora inc, Zero Magazine, Guerilla Wanderers Films, 


Mind Sauce, Speech Writers LLC, One Shot, Hideous Creature, Mente Kallejera, Opposite Of Gray, Atomize, Interlude, Petibone Mercury, Big Earl's Blues Band, John Grounds Blues Band, Powerhouse Blues Band, DJ True Justice, Chain Of Decent, Road Kill Romeo, Wild Side, Lucky Cents, The Concubines, The New Antiques, D 13, Jeff Turner, Rotten Apple, May God Forget, Swerve, Down For Dispute, Pismo

Sam Linder Auto Sales Salinas, The College Board Of California, Indomina Media Inc., Sketchers shoes, International Services, Michael Medby Photography, Us Naval Academy Monterey, Slag, Deeprest, Melted State, Lost Outlaws, Late Night District, Undergone, Breaking Ground, Cesar Myles, Vim, Blind Pilots, Gravel, Road Dogs, Friction, Riboflavin, Miscreants, DJ Michael Lou, Astro Casters, Mad Anthony

South Bay Heat, The Distractions, I Ja Nat, Gulled, 4 Blind Mice, Red Headed Stepchild, Running With Scissors, Untouchables, Moodfry, Johnny Rasta, Wicked Sons, DMACC, Slick, Foreseen, Gigolo, Triplex, East Bay Savages, Young Life, Verse, Espresso,  Mafia players, House Tomato Down, Maelstrom, Caustic, Chamber 7,  Vegas Preacher, Hot Rods, California Groove, Meal Frog, Hard Driver, 

 Blackwater, China, Mallet Head, SonRise, The California Groove, Last Call, Breaking Hour, Hip Affair, Moxy Roxs, Chosen Few, Chris and Ray Arbuckle, IBOPA, Twisted, Stiff Richards, Empty Keg, Middle Earth, Field Trip, Godog, Invert, Burial Ground, Soul Circle, Donny Rasta, Mother Cover, Joni Cruz, Souljourn 44, Mystics, Den Of Thief's, Dam Nasty, Underdog, Mojo Missing, Julias Papp, Blackout Media


And hundreds of other bands and artists.